Kool-Aid vs. Lemonade

What separates an employee from a founder? Is it the amount of hours one works in a week or is it how much a person cares about their work/business? My answer would be both. There’s no doubt about it that a lot of people work a ton of hours and they may even enjoy their work, but how many people truly care?

I know a lot of founders and they usually feel a lot more passionate about their work than the average employee. Even the most dedicated and hard working employee punching in 50-60+ hours a week, often can unplug and not think about their work when away from the office.

Most founders I know including myself, can’t take their mind off their business ever. I mean sure, one needs to make some time for themselves, family and friends, but I find it near impossible to unplug. I really care. Building a successful business has been a dream of mine since early childhood.

I’ve had an entrepreneurial spirit and have been running small businesses since the Kool-Aid stand. Yeah that’s right, I was competing with the lemonade stands. In the neighborhood I grew up in, Kool-Aid was the preferred beverage and even then I really cared. 

What kind of flavours should I sell? When using ice to keep it cold, I should use less water to make up for melting. I should make sure I don’t run out of ice or Kool-Aid. How attractive is my home made cardboard signage? Does my Kool-Aid stand look and run better than the competition? I really cared and think I worked a lot harder than the lemonade kids.

My message to you is this - you should be working harder. 35-40 hours a week is for chumps. Those are the kind of hours that will earn you a $100 watch when you retire at 65. You can’t expect to run a successful business being an average human being. You need to rise to the occasion and work your ass off when it counts.

Are you working hard or hardly working? Great opportunities don’t come very often and you must seize the day.